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Diary: Final Fantasy Symphony Orchestra

Today’s post is a little different than usual. I had this idea of doing a diary post every now and then to share with all of you the fun activities I did, interesting experience I had and maybe some life stories. I thought this is a great way for my followers to know me a little bit more, other than my fashion sense. So here’s my first diary post for you:)

This past weekend, my sister and I went to Toronto for the Final Fantasy Distant Worlds Symphony Orchestra concert at the Sony Centre for the Performing Arts. Honestly, I’m not a video game person, and I have never played the Final Fantasy game before, neither my sister…but, what we like about Final Fantasy is their amazing sound tracks and beautifully-created characters/graphics. So, we’re pretty excited when our friend told us about the performance.

Before heading to the concert, we met up with a good friend of ours for dinner, who happened to go to the concert as well. She is a foodie and Registered Dietitian-to-be! Michelle, congratulations! Michelle recommended this place called Arepa Cafe, located on Queen St. West. Most customers come here for their amazing Arepa, a dish made of ground corn dough and stuffed with your choice of meat, seafood, vegetables, or cheese. It is very popular in Columbia, Venezuela and other Spanish-speaking countries.

#1 - My Pulpo (Octopus in Citrus Marination) Arepa looked so good that I couldn’t wait to dive into! I have never had this before, and I must say, they’re delicious! 

#2 - Three different sauces for the arepa. Be cautious of the hot sauce! It’s extra SPICY!!! I literally burnt my tongue and lips - they went numb!!

#3 - I hardly say no to dessert because of my sweet tooth! You need to try this Sweet Plantain with Fresco Cheese and crushed Pistachio! Yum yum!!

A graffiti art that we spotted outside of the restaurant. I applaud! 

This little guy is too cute that I have to pose with him for a pic! Too bad he doesn’t sign autograph :P

Wearing: Banana Republic Dress; Aritzia Blazer; Coach Flats & Purse; Pour la Victoire Pumps; Forever 21 Tights & ring.

Spotted an audience dressing up as Vivi Orunitia! Cool huh!

I changed into my high heels, and added a mustard yellow tights after the dinner because it was chilly at night. My sister gave me a funny look when she saw this, as she thought it looked weird, but I noticed this colour combo everywhere: here, here and here! What do you think of the grey and mustard yellow?

Distant Worlds: Celebrating 25 years of Final Fantasy!

Featuring special guests: composer, Nobuo Uematsu and conductor, Arnie Roth. Performed live by the 71-member Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony along with state of the art HD videos and stulls shown on a massive screen highlighting the games most memorable sequences. We’re lucky to have Nobuo Uematsu performed on stage as organ soloist for one of the sound tracks! Also, a guy proposed to his girlfriend during the performance through a message on the big screen. How sweet?! I hope she says YES!!

My sister and I had a terrific night, the performance was amazing! I wonder if anyone of you were actually there?! Let me know how you like a diary post like this and if you like to see it more often?


Here’s a video I found from last year’s performance featuring my most favourite Final Fantasy sound track - To Zanarkand! Enjoy!

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